Undivided a Feature Documentary
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A Feature Documentary...

UnDivided is the hope-filled, challenging, and inspiring true story of how an Evangelical
church and a public high school forged an unlikely friendship-initiating a beautiful
transformation for both the school and faith communities. Through intimate interviews
with the principal, pastor, teachers, volunteers and students, this documentary reveals
stories that make it one of the most compelling films of the year. UnDivided illustrates
in the most contemporary setting possible - a high school - the potent dynamics -
and potential -of humility, kindness and grace.

Jeff Martin developed and produced the film and will oversee marketing, P.R. and distribution.

UnDivided is set for release in the Fall 2013/Winter 2014

Credits:   SouthLake Church, SAMM, Dan Merchant
Kristine Sommer, Kip Jacob, Neil Lomax, Roosevelt
High School