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A Feature Film(in development)

"We may be outscored, but we will not lose; we may be winless, but we will
never be defeated."

Based on the Extraordinary True Story

A community lost in abundance meets a community struggling for survival. In
coming together each will understand why love is not a feeling, but a decision,
and why "loving your neighbor" is not a suggestion, but a commandment.

Undefeated is a smart, relevant and deeply affecting ensemble drama centered
around George Washington High School, an urban school in decay that has
become the face of a neglected neighborhood teetering on the brink. The
facilities are collapsing, the faculty disenchanted and the student body
disheartened. The sports teams are terrible, the band is awful and the
whole school is suffering the emotional toll of being "unseen".

When a volunteer from a suburban church stumbles across Washington, a
series of events are set in motion that will leave both communities
transformed in ways so beautiful and audacious that only Love can
be held responsible.

Executive Producers:   Kip Jacob, Neil Lomax, Craig Cheek
Writer/Director:   Dan Merchant    Producer:   Jeff Martin