Roosevelt Track
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Roosevelt High School Track Restoration
A Movement...

The track and field facility at Roosevelt High School was so old and deteriorated it
was unusable and unsafe. Restoration of the football field and stands had depleted
nearly all the funds available. The track would have to wait.

In the fall of 2012, It Matters founders reached out to some of Portland's leading
organizations and individuals to share our vision for an Olympic quality track
and field facility - one that would attract the best coaches, events, and athletes
to a place that for decades had been forgotten. Because of the generosity of
Andersen Construction, Nike Executives Craig Cheek and Elliot Hill, Safeway
Foundation, the Norm Daniels family, SouthLake Church, Portland Public Schools
and many more - this vision has become a reality.

Roosevelt High School is now the home of the finest track and field facility
in the city of Portland and has become a model for what is possible whenever
communities come together.

Andersen Construction
St Johns T.R.A.C.,
Portland Public Schools,
Michael Bergmann,
Rich Recker