Lord Save Us
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Lord, Save Us From Your Followers
A Feature Documentary...

Lord, Save Us From Your Followers is an energetic documentary that
explores the collision of faith and culture in the U.S. Utilizing interviews,
man-on-the-street bits, hilarious animations and stunts, filmmaker
Dan Merchant brings everyone into this important conversation. Lord,
Save Us... employs the language of pop culture to create a provocative,
funny and redemptive viewing experience that will leave the audience
talking for hours.

Lord, Save Us... features exclusive interviews and features with Al
Franken, Bono, Rick Santorum, Pastor Rick Warren and more. No stone
is left unturned in this unpredictable look at the conflict over religion
in America.

Lord Save Us was released in theaters around the US and
is available on Netflix, Hulu,
Amazon and more...

Credits:   a Lightning Strikes Entertainment production
Written and Directed by Dan Merchant, Jeff Martin/Executive Producer