Crater Lake
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Crater Lake License Plate and Fund

Thinking outside and a little ahead, It Matter's founder Jason Atkinson,
then Senator Atkinson created a license plate to commemorate the
100-year anniversary of Oregon's Crater Lake National Park. More than
just anotherplate, Atkinson had the proceeds from the sales taken out
of state government and managed by private philanthropy. The plates
were the fasting selling vanity plate nationally and the proceeds started
climbing into the millions. Classroom at Crater Lake, a program to have
children in four rural counties visit the Park and "be a park ranger for
a day" is operated off the interest of amount in holding. The goal is to
run the program in perpetuity.

*Oregon has several other vanity plate programs, none of which sold as well
or had its proceeds taken away from government. When government's
coffers ran short a few years ago, all license plates funds (Cultural Trust,
Salmon, etc.) were "swept" to fund government programs- Classroom at
Crater Lake was protected.


Senator Jason A. Atkinson
Crater Lake Superintendent Chuck Lundy (retired)
Klamath County Commissioner Steve West (retired)
Klamath County Commission
Crater Lake National Park Trust
Oregon Community Foundation