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It Matters was founded on finding projects we believe in... and one of the
closest and most personal stories is about a small rural town in Oregon,
boasting a population of 40, and a tragedy.

Taking her three sons to town sixty miles away, an acquaintance of Jason's
dead in a horrific car accident. Lead by one of Oregon's few remaining
day-rider cowboys, the town rallied and decided a tragedy like this would
never happen again. Five residences decided to become EMT's; through
correspondence and night classes "in-town" and they'd call Senator
Atkinson to get them an ambulance.

Atkinson said he'd find the ambulance if they did three things: finish the
training, set up a non-profit to accept donations, and have 100% participa-
tion from the town in fundraising. With $11,500 raised, Atkinson went to
work and his friends when to night school.

After months of work, calling in favors, leaning on a few people, and telling
the story hundreds of times an ambulance was donated. New tires were
put on, as well as decals, and the jaws-of-life was donated. Small ambulance
companies around the state all chipped in and out-fitted the ambulance with
the latest gear. Even the lumber was donated to build a place to house and
"keep plugged-in" the newest Emergency Response Vehicle in the SE
Oregon high desert.


Senator Jason A. Atkinson
Leon Flick
Warner Valley First Responders
Lake County Commissioner Brad Winters
Lake County Commission Dan Shoun
Lake County Commission
The Sign Dude
The City of Ashland
Greg Case
Ashland Fire and Rescue
Nan Heim
Oregon State Ambulance Association
The Ford Family Foundation
Rogue Pacific Lumber